Article Bringing Up Children in Islam

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    "Bringing up Children in Islam"

    The tarbiyah ( upbringing) of a child begins much before the birth of a child. It starts by choosing a pious wife
    Even before the child is born, you should make an intention of making your child an aalim, haafiz, daaee etc.
    During pregnancy, a woman should take care of what she utters and also should try to read Qur'an as much as possible because after a few months, the baby begins to hear and absorb what is going on around him.

    A pious woman who will have her eyes, tongue, ears, actions intentions guarded will have a pious outcome.

    ✅Keep good names for your children. Keep reminding them of its meaning and make them feel special.
    Children can be molded at a very tender age just the way we want , but once they grow up it becomes difficult to mold them.

    ⬜The nature of a child is like a plain paper.. Whatever is imprinted on it initially will remain forever. Hence, it is important to create good images on this clean and pure page.

    3⃣ You should build strong belief in a child for three things:
    ☝A. Tawheed, Oneness of Allah:
    To build this belief.. Keep repeating five sentences with your child:
    1. Allah s.w.t is watching everything
    2. Allah s.w.t listens to everything
    3. Everything comes from Allah s.w.t
    4. It is Allah s.w.t who gives everything
    5. Allah s.w.t will become angry if we disobey Him.

    B. Risaalat: Tell the seerah of our last Prophet to your kids. Instill love in their hearts for Mohammad s.a.w.
    Teach them his sunnah to be followed day and night. Instead of Superman or Spiderman..let them have the Prophet s.a.w and his sahabaahs as their role model.

    ⌛C. Aakhirah: Create a desire for jannah in the hearts of your kids by mentioning the beauties and rewards in jannah! Tell them that there is unimaginable happiness and fun in jannah.
    Similarly.. create in them fear for jahannum, hell fire. Instead of scaring them with stories of ghosts ,scare them with the reality of jahannum.

    These days parents are so busy that they hardly take out time for their kids. When their children want to talk to them, they keep them busy with TV or any other distraction. Avoid doing this as this will make your children unproductive. We are all aware of the ill effects of these on our children.

    Guide your kids to choose good companions/friends as a man is known by the company he keeps. Good companions can bring the best in a person.

    Do not give your children so much that they develop the habit of asking and expect a lot from you... nor frustrate them so much that they loose hope. Do not fulfill all their wishes as this will spoil them. Raise them up as responsible muslims.

    Keep promises. When you promise to buy them something, keep your word and buy them.This way they will learn to trust you and at the same time respect their promises.

    Children do what they see you doing and not what you ask them to do. Act as you preach. Be very careful and conscious about how your behave.They will treat you the same way they see you treating your parents.. Be their ideal person, their role model.

    Recite the du'aas yourself while dressing them up or feeding them, they will soon learn all the du'aas and practice it.

    Children don't understand hidden love. Express your love openly for them in every little thing. If children are deprived of love at home, then they will seek love and comfort from outside which can have disastrous consequences.

    Dress your children in accordance with Islam, this will instill haya (modesty) in them which is a very important part of our faith.

    Fathers must take their sons along with them to the masjids to inculcate in them a habit of performing Salah in jama'ah .

    ⚠When you want your kids to respect your privacy with your spouse, teach them by respecting their privacy. Ask them permission to interrupt them when they are playing , they would follow the same when they have to interrupt you.

    Treat your children equally, be fair to them. There's a hadeeth which says to the effect, fear Allah and treat children fairly. Do not be partial towards your children.
    May Allah ease our tasks as parents.
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    Interesting and beneficial, barakallahu fih.
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    Very informative, jazakumullah khayr
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    Ma sha Allah. @ Abou Faaiz must be a guidance and counselling expert to give this sort of practicable teachings. I love them because they give specific acts parents should do to their kids. We will like you to give us more of this teachings as frequently as possible. Jazakumullahu Khayran!!!:blk03:
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    Really helpful and beneficial. Am not yet married but still found it amazing! Jazakallahu kheir
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    Jazak Allah Khairan brother @Abou Faaiz@Abou Faaiz for sharing such wonderful posts. We really love them as @Nurudeen Sobayo@Nurudeen Sobayo also mentioned. So keep them coming. You are the man! May Allah (swt) give you lots of ajar for sharing these posts!

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