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    Abu Banaat wrote;


    Respect is an important factor in marriage, bad words are just like squeezing toothpaste out of its tube, once its out, you can't push
    it inside again, never stop dating your wife, when you asked her to marry you, you promised to own her heart and to jealously protect
    her, don't be the first to break her heart again, she is the most sacred treasure you are enthrusted with, she chose you out of a
    multitude, never forget that and don't get 'lazy' in showing your love.

    The Prophet( sallalahu aalyhi wassalam) said,
    You shall meet your Lord on the last day and he will ask you:
    "Have I not allowed you to marry the woman, whom many proposed to and I denied them and married her to you?"
    Sahih ibn Hibban. 7323.
    Izzadeen Abdussalam (Rahimahullah) said,
    Love prevents you from offending your lover. (Maqasid ar Riyaah 1/55)
    How is it that love doesn't prevent the men of today from beating their wives?

    At the time of the Prophet sallalahu alayhi wassalam, the issue of beating women also happened, but the Prophet quickly warned
    against it.

    The Prophet said,
    Do not beat the female slaves of Allah.
    Umar later came to the Rasul and said, the women have began to rebell against their husbands.
    The Prophet then gave men permission to hit them lightly.

    The next day, many women came to the house of the Prophet's wives complaining about being beaten by their husbands.
    The Prophet addressed people saying:
    Indeed, 70 women came to the house of Prophet Muhammad's( family and all of them complained that their husbands beat them severely, by
    Allah, you will not find those men who beat women becoming the best among you.
    (Sahih ul Jaami. No 5137).

    Today, many men think that beating a woman shows his authority in the house, many men want to be "feared" by his wife, he wants
    to be tyrannical, but when you want to have 'Sunnah' with your wife again, you will go and start petting her again? How wicked
    you are!!!

    The Prophet (peace be upon him) said,
    How could one of you turn to your wife and whip her like the whipping of a camel and then make 'Sunnah' to her later in the day again?
    (Sahih Bukhari)

    Get to know brothers muslim women are like eggs, they are fragile vessels, that is why their husbands are expected to protect and maintain them,
    how can you be the one beating her again?

    The Prophet didn't beat his wives and didn't allow anyone harm his wives!

    Anas bin malik reported that the Prophet was once on a journey along with his wives! An abysinnian camel driver called Anjasha was
    driving a woman, he would sing poems while driving, and this songs would make the camels go extremely fast thereby affecting the
    The Prophet told him,
    Woe unto you Anjasha, go slowly while driving the fragile vessels
    (Bukhari, Muslim)

    The Prophet had about 11 wives, he spent over 3 decades with them yet he never hit any of them, many men today have only one
    wife, yet he can't spend a year without beating her!
    Shurayh an Nakhai said,
    My wife died before me, I wish she could take from my life or that we both died at the same time, I have seen how men beat their
    wives, may my hands become paralyzed if I ever beat zainab.
    (Al Ahkam 1/462)

    How many men of today can make this kind of dua?

    Such men who beat women a lot also divorce women so easily! Treat your wife the way you would want your son in law to treat
    your daughter.

    When a divorce happens, what hurts most is not just the separation, but also, the way you now have to behave like a mere stranger,
    with someone you once taught you can't live without!!

    May Allah uphold our brothers and sisters in marriage institution stronger in Faith, Love,Unity and Progress
    In Shaa Allah.

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