Advice Golden Principles of Parenting from Imam Gazzali (R)

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    1. During 1-7 years:
    Play with your child

    2. During 8-14 years: Train them all manners and customs

    3. During 15-21 Years: Be friendly

    4. If you follow above principles, you can leave them alone after 21, Insha Allah, Nothing to worry about them

    Action Plans

    1. During 1-7 years Spend maximum time with your child, Play with them, have some fun, even learning should be through fun & games

    2. 8-14 Years: Train namaz, Duas, Islamic dress code, social manners and individual manners. You can also train before the age of 7 by considering thier age

    3. During 15-21 You should be friendly and polite

    But you should not be like their friend
    Give them chance in decision making
    You should maintain healthy relationship

    Forward this message to all your friends and relatives and post

    Try this, we can experience great changes in our children

    May Allah give us pious children


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