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    Two things that have no benefit
    1. Love that doesn"t end up in marriage.
    2. Marriage without love

    Two things that entrench love
    1. Good habits
    2. Honesty

    Two things that destroy a man
    1. Living a fake life
    2. Lack of focus

    Two things that destroy a woman
    1. Love for materialism
    2. Imitation

    Two things that destroy friendship
    2. Backbiting or distrust

    Two things that enhance charisma
    1. Trustworthiness
    2. Steadfastness in Islam

    Two things that bring about misery
    1. Disrespect for elders
    2. False accusation

    Two things that bring about happiness
    1.Doing good deeds
    2. Patience

    Two things that brings one close to Allah
    1.Reading the Holy Qur"an
    2. Abiding by Allahs instructions

    Two things that makes shaytan to keep away from one
    1.Al azkar
    2. Avoiding selfishness

    Two that make Ibadat to be accepted
    1. Tauheed
    2. Ikhlass

    Two things that Allah (swa) loves.
    2. Ma'aruf

    Two reasons why I sent this message to you
    1. Because You are a Muslim
    2.Because I love you for d sake of Allah

    Two things I want you to do after you hv read this message
    1. Use, work and adhere to this message
    2. Kindly send the message to your fellow Muslims please.

    Keep sharing

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