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    Nobody was born as a rapist or as a devil's incarnate.
    Every playboy of today was once a gentle boy.
    Every prostitute of today was once a shy baby girl.
    Nobody was naturally born with evil flowing in his/her veins, which means whatever we grow up to become has a source as well as a means.
    I recently visited a cyber cafe and i met a number of teenage girls between the ages of 15 to 20 years, who were computer students of that cafe, but they were all busy watching a seasonal film from a laptop which one of them came with. I was standing at the doorstep but none of them noticed my presence for almost a minute because they were so glued to the movie, what do you think they were "learning" from the movie?
    Let's assume they were all virgins at that particular time, if they keep watching those obscene movies for a year or more, even without being raped, won't they willingly spread their legs for the riff-raffs just to finally have a feel of what they have been watching for years?
    In this generation, whenever a male or female child is raped, the parents will scream fire and brimestone, they will unleash hell on the perpetrator until they give him a befitting punishment, but the 'greatest rapist' has been there raping their children for decades and they are not bothered about it.
    A human rapist can only strip your child of his chastity but the television will rob and strip your child of his/her chastity, decency, modesty, bashfulness, intelligence, common sence, beliefs, discipline, shame, sence of responsibility, sence of belonging, religious consciousness, behaviour, mannerisms as well as their spiritual and parental upbringing.
    The end result is that, even if your child doesn't get raped, the child will either grow up to become a slay queen or a big time prostitute or a play-boy or even the rapist you were initially scared of. Why is it that parents are bothered when their children get raped, but they are not bothered when their children have boyfriends or girlfriends? Is it not the same illegal sexual intercourse that both cases involves?
    This does not mean the rapists are free from blames, of course i am one person that condemns and castigates rapists a lot, but for once, let us view things from the side of the parents and from the side of the television which their children are exposed to.
    The television is like a soap, it gradually washes away discipline, shame, spirituality and good behaviour away from your children, if you train your child properly for 10years, the television can destroy all that training within 10 months. For examply, many homes today expose their kids to cartoons, do you know that so many cartoons of today are designed to look like the private parts of a man and a woman? They are gradually brain-washing your children and acquainting them with a true picture of what the genitals look like. So many cartoons of today now display love stories of a boy and a girl kissing and hugging eachother, do you think your kids are not seeing all this? It went viral recently, that an image of a naked woman was displayed on "cartoon network" for some minutes, before it disappeared from the screen, do you know how many children in the world must have seen that naked woman?
    Many of us expose our kids to children rhymes and poems on TV, this is the origin of music, if they later grow up to become Djs and party-lovers, we will be complaining again that music is haram, were you not the one that exposed them to it in the first place?
    Many of us watch nollywood, bollywood and hollywood with our children, you may feel you are matured enough to control yourself but are your kids also matured enough to take the good and leave the bad? Is there even any good in movies? All the obscene words and images in movies gradually store in your children's memory, it will then become part and parcel of them overtime.....
    What do you think the primary and secondary school students are doing on 2go and facebook? Show me one of them who is there for the sake of da'wah and I will show you 20 of them that are agents of fitan on social media? What could have polluted the innocent minds of this young teens if not the television, but we always pour out the whole blame on the rapist, whereas we are not bothered about the television that has been raping them on daily basis for several years?
    You are happy that your child loves John Cena, but you have forgotten that the same way your child watches john cena is the same way he also watches the half naked female wrestlers as well, if your child becomes inclined to female nudity and begins to masturbate, will you also blame the rapist for it again ??
    The reality is that, your child was already impregnated by the television, her womb was already filled with obscenity before the rapist came to facilitate it, so problems should be treated from the source before treating the end results. As much as we condemn rape and the rapists, we should also condemn the major agent of obscenity which is the television itself.
    Many people do claim that they regulate their TVs, they monitor what their children watches on TV, they observe the parental control policies bla bla bla, but their children are already slay queens on social media and they don't know. Even those who don't have televisions in their homes still have to go extramile to protect their children from fitnah, how much more about those who have televisions in practically every room in their homes and yet they claim to be on top of the situation?
    Its just like dining with the devil. Anyway life is all about choice as they say!
    The best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad salallahu alayhi wassalam, I don't still know the kind of guidance that the media has to offer, which makes you expose your children to the television. The media is more dangerous to a society than what a genocide can cause them, because a genocide can only destroy the existing people, but the media will destroy the existing ones and their future generation.
    How long will you continue to allow the media to keep corrupting and raping the innocent minds of your lovely children?

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